Roosting Application

Early bird gets the worm. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until our coop is full.

Name *
What will you grow, raise, make? Who is your ideal customer? Tell us more about your life and business philosophy and where you'd like to be in 5 years.
Current occupation and/or your most recent scheme.
What do you hope to gain during that time? *
Choose the 3 things that matter most to you.
Describe how having you on the team will improve the lives and projects of everyone here. Consider your unique skills, talents and how you typically fit into a group.
What, specifically, would you grow, raise, or make this summer? How much land would you need? Include a rough timeline and estimate the costs associated.
Life is expensive. How will you stay afloat during this immersive experience?
If you weren't able to fully explain you answers above, please expand here. You may also use this opportunity to ask questions like: "Can my dog come?" or "What if I'm allergic to bees?" ... Your dog is welcome, so long as they've had a recent visit to the veterinarian, and if you're allergic to anything-- bring an Epipen! Duh!

Thank you for applying. We'll contact you in the next week to arrange an interview or to let you down easy.