The Roost is full for 2019.
Now accepting applications for the 2020 growing season

access to farm, forest, and the Barton River for $325/month*

Leasing projects up to 2 acres with move in as early aS April 1, 2020. 

Bedroom in the Farm House
-exactly what it sounds like, your bed included

Conventional, indoor facilities
-real live plumbing if you start to feel like a wild animal
-(please consider riding that "wild animal" feeling out)

Large communal spaces
-farm house with double parlored living area
-huge front and back decks with seating

-49 acres of fire pits, swimming holes, and sit spots

Enormous Shared Kitchen
fully equipped kitchen for personal use
-room enough to wash, prep, prepare, pack and eat it too

Basic Hand and Power Tools
-full complement of construction and farm tools from hammers and circular saws to hoes and shovels
-if we don't have what you need but agree it is a
general necessity, we'll buy it for everyone to use

-our well needs an overflow: all of the water you drink, bathe in, and use to feed your crops and animals is free

Wifi, Parking, Laundry
-we won't charge you extra to netflix and chill
-there's room for your ride, you may even get a plaque
-dirty clothes? clean em up

*Work exchange discounts and scholarships may be available.
**other utilities (elec. and heat) charged by use

If you need something not mentioned above--
do not hesitate to
reach out →


Seed Sowers

Seed, weed, harvest and sell. It's all up to you. Take this season from start to finish to make sure you're prepared to put your eggs in this basket. 



Animal Husbands

Eggs, milk, fiber, and meat. Get up close and personal with the reality of animals' sickness and health. Start your herd small this summer and discover how it feels to be a Shepard, not a sheep.

Value Added Producers

Use a raw agricultural product to grow financial freedom. Whether you want to take your product all the way from seed to sale or will import goods from the talented farmers all around us-- take this summer to fine tune your "recipe" and make sure folks want to buy what you are selling.  We'll help you build a business plan and prove that it works.

Digital Nomads

You guys know the deal. You make money on the web and go where ever you want to. Your next coworking space could be our co-working landscape. 

Artists & Makers

Need some time and space to hone your skills? Writer's block? Can't seem to quit your day job? Take a break from the city and see what an unobstructed view of the stars does for you.