Jes Scribner: Lady Mastermind

Jes got her farm start with Cathy Bardsley of Silk Tree Farm in Little Compton, RI. Silk Tree Farm primarily sells goat milk soaps and cosmetics, but Cathy's heritage breed farm continues to be dynamic, diverse, and "real" unlike anything Jes had seen before. From there, Jes found Sterling College. The sustainable school with less than 150 undergrads provided an intensive, immersive, and deeply communal experience that has shaped Jes' vision for Birdhous. While earning a degree in Land-Based Entrepreneurship, Jes rebuilt and revitalized the Student Activities Fund, a significant financial resource available to all students. She also created and managed the "Hurrah" music series which ran over three consecutive semesters and brought artists such as Granite Junction, Bison, and Lady Moon & the Eclipse to campus. In a past life, she co-created and co-hosted a well-attended open mic event called "[untitled]" in collaboration with Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT.

Jes is an effective and practiced leader, manager, and innovator, with a great deal of technical skills. She's worked with a variety of livestock on farms in Rhode Island, the Netherlands, and Vermont, and completed several hands-on master courses in Value Added Production, Butchery & Charcuterie, Natural Cheesemaking, Breadmaking, and Harvest Preservation. Her Permaculture Design Certificate is with Prospect Rock. She's ready to turn her skills into a fulfilling life, and so are you. 


Stu McGowan: Business Advisor

Stu is a self-proclaimed "serial entrepreneur" and is a true believer in good ideas. After launching multiple socially conscious and profitable businesses over 35 years, he "retired" in 2016. In this so-called retirement, he independently financed the Birdhous project and founded Currently in beta, ShareYourself (SYS) is an inventive online platform that connects people with great "do-good" ideas with the people who have the skills and resources to make them happen. Birdhous is a living, breathing, farming, analog version of his SYS vision. 

Stu's old age and 40+ years of community organizing and business experience are vital to this operation. You'll get to know him and learn from him just about as much as you try to over the course of your roost. 



Emma Roger: Right Hand Gal

Emma is a native Vermonter and a junior at Sterling College. There, she earned a leadership position on the farm in her second year, and... she studies Sustainable Agriculture. Since highschool, she's spent her summers on Footebrook Organics Farm in her hometown. This past fall, Emma interned on Riverhaven Farm in Lynden, WA.  

Her dream is to own and operate a Farm-Based Bed & Breakfast with her lifelong best friend. She's earned a depth of technical, practical knowledge well beyond her years-- we want to help her take the knowledge to the bank.

This summer, Emma will join the team as our right-hand gal. She'll be paid to keep her hands dirty in all of our ventures and to share her hard-earned experience with all of us. Emma's dream operates similarly to our vision for Birdhous, and in addition to her salary, she'll be involved in both big picture and day to day finances, legalities, and responsibilities that will make her ultimate goal that much clearer before graduation. 



You: Ready for a Change

You want your own land and farm "one day," and are ready to take tangible steps in that direction. You don't have the money, the credit history, or the confidence to just up and buy a farm, and you know that working for other folks will only take you so far. You want to prove that your idea is good and that you alone are able to see it through.