Our Vision

Life is expensive. Doing good for the world shouldn't be. 

Birdhous is a co-working landscape in Vermont's picturesque Northeast Kingdom. Our 49 acres span forest, field and stream. Here, ecologically minded farmers, chefs, artists and other land-based entrepreneurs are invited to explore their passions. By sharing this land, we lessen the financial barriers to entry and provide laboratory space to try, try again. Here, you'll build your brand and explore your market before setting off on your own. 

Roosting, our residential program, allows budding environmental entrepreneurs to enjoy the independence and realize the demand of operating their own venture without the distraction of overwhelming financial responsibility. This type of agricultural venture will become more and more relevant as our farmers retire and their agricultural land is turned over to a generation in debt.

Start small and prove your model. If you don't turn a profit on 1/2 of an acre, you won't turn a profit on the 50 you borrowed from the bank. These aren't training wheels, this is an opportunity to get on your bike and ride. The success or failure of your project lies entirely on your shoulders, we just want to take some of the weight off. Together, we shape the future of farming, and build a more sustainable world.